Visual MusicString

Version 0.2a

[+] Added versions for Linux and Mac OS X
[+] Added exporting to audio file
[+] Added syntax error reporting
[+] Added real-time playing sample-rate option
[+] Added About Visual MusicString page (includes version numbers and compile times)
[+] Added amplitude peak visualizer
[*] Numerous bug-fixes

Version 0.1a

[+] Initial public release

MusicString Compiler Library

Version 0.2.2a

[+] Added normalization - activated automatically in case of clipping, adjusts maximum amplitude to 0.95 (test with hugechord.mstr)
[*] Fixed bug when parsing loops and going into unintended infinite loop in some circumstances
[*] Edited Saving code, has now about 50 % less memory footprint, though it's slower

Version 0.2.1a

[+] Linux and Mac OS X binary is now available! The code compiles and works correctly both under Linux and Windows now
[*] Fixed a bug that caused incorrect loops to be terminated by the [loopname] statement
[*] Fixed a bug that caused parsing thread to hang by going into an unintended infinite loop under some circumstances

Version 0.2a

[*] Rewrote the parsing thread scheduling code and (hopefully) resolved all timing issues that way, also made code more clean
[+] New noise generation, so it now has much better, frequency based noise and plucks!
[+] Now supports statement [loopname] to terminate any loop with that name (you can try it with tune.mstr)
[+] New and updated examples

Version 0.1.1a

[*] Fixed timing issue

Version 0.1a

[*] Initial release
[+] Added MusicString to the MusicString project :3